Best stylish men's wrist bracelets in 2020


Not so long ago, it was considered that the best adornment for a man's wrist is a watch. Today the world has changed somewhat. All kinds of gadgets came to it. Not. The clock remained. But these must certainly be expensive products, preferably from a well-known brand. And many young people began to gladly replace them with bracelets. More respectable clients followed them. Moreover, stylish bracelets made of precious metals go well with watches and, in general, with a business style of clothing. It's hard to talk about the best bracelets. After all, every man has his own style, character, clothing preferences.

What to look for when choosing

Basically, the models differ in the material from which they are made, weaving, decorative inserts. But this is everyone's choice, and most of the advice is not needed. But there are some details that need attention.

  • Lock. Small and discreet carabiners are suitable for gold jewelry. Flat, or large, with decorative functions - for silver or steel. Magnets are more commonly used in leather, wood or textile jewelry. In any case, the lock should be easy to fasten. And the simpler it is and contains fewer parts, the longer the accessory will last.
  • The size. According to the latest trends, the jewelry should sit relatively freely on the hand. But also do not fall over the wrist.
  • Weaving. There are many types and it is difficult to understand them. However, Bismarck is considered the most durable. It comes in many variations. The most unreliable are hollow link chain bracelets.
  • Fastening at the clasp. The weakest point. With a possible alternative, it is worth choosing models where the mount is at least slightly fixed. For example, there is thicker metal or there is a solid insert.

Otherwise, it all depends on the preferences of the buyer and the thickness of his wallet.

TOP-12 stylish men's bracelets

Below is a small ranking of the most popular models. From classics popular at all times to interesting works of authorship.

Gold products

Gold bracelets for men are confirmation of status and success. Noble metal does not tolerate excesses. Models are similar to women. Only slightly wider, most often without inserts. They differ in the type of weaving, width, weight. There are, of course, author's or branded models, which are distinguished by their original performance and massiveness. Nevertheless, the trend is not flashy accessories, but only emphasizing the excellent taste of their owner.

Model "Korda", firm "Krastsvetmet"

This is not to say that this is the development of a specific manufacturer or designer. Many companies produce them. "Korda" is a rather popular type of weaving. From a distance it seems that the bracelet is made of continuous intertwining gold threads. In fact, this is just an illusion. The craftsmen skillfully connect the links among themselves, observing a certain sequence.The result is a flexible and elegant piece of jewelry. As a rule, it is suitable for both men and women. At the moment we are talking about a bracelet from the Krastsvetmet company.

men's bracelet Korda Krastsvetmet


  • An original piece of jewelry that does not attract much attention, but perfectly emphasizes the style and taste of the owner;
  • In harmony with a business suit, it will not be superfluous when creating a relaxed bow for relaxation;
  • Thin and graceful product;
  • Made of 14 karat pink gold;
  • Wide range of sizes;
  • Convenient and inconspicuous "Carabiner" fastener;
  • The budgetary cost is 6900-7500 rubles.


  • Too thin, about 2 mm;
  • Made of hollow links. This increases the risk of rapid wear.

However, if it were full-weight gold and massive jewelry, it would cost much more.

Hand-knitted model "Bismarck" in red gold, art. 41-01080-1

Produced at the Belgorod Jewelry Factory. It is a double-weave bracelet of the Bismarck type made of red gold. An elegant and stylish piece that allows you to emphasize the individuality and good taste of its owner.

bracelet for men hand-knitted "Bismarck" of red gold, art. 41-01080-1


  • Made of 585 gold with a red sheen;
  • Full-weight, not a hollow product with a wire cross-section of 0.8 mm;
  • Quite a massive decoration 10 mm wide and weighing 9 grams;
  • Practical and durable carabiner fastener;
  • Available in 5 sizes;
  • Helps to complement the look in any style, but is best combined with a business one.


  • According to buyers, none.

The cost of an original hand-knitted product is 49,000-50,000 rubles.

Handmade model of roman weaving

Original men's wrist jewelry. Thin and stylish bracelet, teas remind of the models made with the simplest anchor weaving. But, this is far from the case. First, it is double row. Secondly, its links are intertwined in the most bizarre way. The Romans knew a lot about men's jewelry. And the Russian company "Bronnitsky Jeweler" has successfully adopted the experience of ancient craftsmen.

bracelet man's Roman weave Bronnitsky jeweler


  • A relatively modest decoration with a width of only 3 mm will undoubtedly arouse interest;
  • Goes well with any style of clothing. At a business meeting, he will emphasize the status of a partner. On vacation or at a party, he will talk about the success of the owner, even if he is in jeans and the most ordinary T-shirt;
  • Good weight at 7.2 grams, despite being graceful and fragile;
  • Can act as a gift;
  • Convenient carabiner clasp. It is not round, but rectangular, which makes it easy to put on the accessory yourself.


  • Small size range. Only 3 sizes.

The cost of a gold piece is about 40,000 rubles, in the company's store.

White gold products

White gold has recently become fashionable. But, it quickly gained popularity. Metal products look elegant and stylish. Not striking. But knowledgeable people will easily appreciate the success of their owner and his impeccable taste. Unlike yellow or red gold, it offers more choice in terms of creating a stylish look.

Handmade model in white gold, Persian weave

Refined decoration, which contains all the luxury of the East. Perfectly round links. Ease of weaving. Diamond shine. He will definitely not go unnoticed. Developed by the designers of the Bronnitsky Jeweler company, who know how to make truly elegant men's jewelry.

man's bracelet made of white gold, Persian weaving Bronnitsky jeweler


  • Used for the manufacture of 6.4 grams of white gold;
  • High cut quality;
  • Convenient lock "Carabiner";
  • With the product, you can create a variety of bows, from strict, business, to casual;
  • A well-established manufacturer of jewelry in the market.


  • Chain width 4 mm. May twist around the wrist.

Handmade model in white gold, Bismarck weaving

One of the most popular types of weaving among men. The bracelets look impressive.They are massive, dense. Comfortable to wear. And made of white gold, they are in perfect harmony with both clothes and other accessories.

bracelet man's white gold, weaving "Bismarck


  • Classic weaving;
  • Diamond cut for an elegant shine;
  • Invisible "Carabiner" clasp;
  • Stylish, emphasizing the status of the owner;
  • Excellent weight at 14.5 grams;
  • Sold in a gift box.


  • In addition to the price of 85,000 rubles, there are no.

Silver products

Silver bracelets have always been popular with men. Unlike gold items, they are more massive and brutal. The assortment, both by the type of weaving and by the originality of execution, is wider. Among them will find their model and business people, and young rebels and adherents of various currents of culture and even religion.

Decorative model in silver. Collection "Effect"

An original product for men from the Bronnitsky Jeweler company. Made of 925 sterling silver. In the performance of the master, the classic ribbon weaving sparkled with completely different colors. Volumetric diamond-shaped links with rounded outer edges resemble dolphins jumping out of the water. Decorative details with engraving add similarities. Massive dyeing will emphasize brutality and will be an excellent addition to free style clothing. It may not be in harmony with a business suit. But, it will go well with a casual blazer, a light summer linen jacket, or a stylish pullover.

bracelet male Effect silver Bronnitsky jeweler


  • Massive, about 2 cm wide;
  • Stylish but not feminine. Just right for a strong male hand;
  • In production we used 925 sterling silver;
  • Relatively lightweight for such a product. Weight is only 22.3 grams;
  • Secure and comfortable flat clasp. You can fasten it yourself without any problems. Both right and left hand.


  • There are remarks that sometimes the links are frayed directly at the fastener.

The cost on the website of the corporate online store is 9,700 rubles.

Silver model art.1744, company "ALORIS"

The ALORIS Jewelry House is one of the largest companies in Russia. The production is located in St. Petersburg. There are shops in many cities of the country. Jewelry can also be purchased at the company's online store. In addition, the company is also a major player in the wholesale market. So the products of her masters are widely represented in retail jewelry stores.

The ALORIS portfolio contains a wide range of silver jewelry for the strong half of humanity. Including bracelets. The given model will perfectly emphasize masculinity and brutality. The bracelet is made in the form of a chain of massive links. The product is distinguished by an original insert in the form of a medieval stone masonry. The insert itself is decorated with shields.

bracelet man's art.1744 ALORIS silver


  • Original and stylish;
  • Massive, weighing 64.4 grams;
  • 925 sterling silver;
  • Emphasizes the strong character of a man and speaks of his rebellious personality;
  • Comes in 4 sizes;
  • Reliable and comfortable clasp that fully matches the style of the product;
  • It can be matched with a pendant and belt buckle in the same style;
  • A great gift. Moreover, it is sold in a gift box;
  • When buying in a company store, discounts and bonuses are accrued.


  • Perhaps not everyone will like the extraordinary design.

The cost of decoration in the ALORIS store is 13,500 rubles, including a discount.

Decorative model in silver. Collection "LYRICS"

bracelet man's LYRICS silver

One more jewelry from the Bronnitsky Jeweler firm for men. A voluminous bracelet made using the Bismarck technique. Although this messy weaving is often called "fox tail". Three rows are intertwined in a graceful and at the same time massive decoration. As a result, the chain diameter reaches 11 ml, and its weight is 59.4 grams. According to the manufacturer, the model was made by hand, without the use of mechanical equipment.


  • A really stylish thing that will emphasize the good taste of its owner;
  • Delicate weaving attracts attention;
  • A great addition to a formal suit for a business meeting, or to a half-bucket or a T-shirt during casual communication;
  • Flat clasp;
  • Reinforced fastening between chain and clasp.


  • Perhaps the manufacturers were a little too clever with the fastener, providing it with thin loops for fixing. Although there are no complaints about its fragility according to customer reviews. Only for difficulties with fastening.

The disadvantages include the cost of jewelry in the range of 19,000-19,200 rubles. Many consider it too high for a silver piece. But, I quickly change my mind by trying on a bracelet.

Leather products

Today, shopping centers have a huge selection of leather bracelets. Simple. With inserts of stones, metal, decorative elements. And if earlier it was believed that leather bracelets are the lot of representatives of informal movements or bikers. Today it is a fashionable accessory that perfectly complements the image of a young, active man.

Model Evora 630602-e

Evora Jewelry House was founded at the beginning of this century. Today it is a popular brand under which jewelry is made from silver and leather stones. And also a similar product is sold from the countries of Southeast Asia. Due to the fact that the company's specialists exercise careful control over all processes, Evora products are of high quality products.

A leather bracelet made of two straps with original weaving will be a great addition to your look. Genuine leather is soft and elastic, comfortable to wear.

man's bracelet Evora 630602-e


  • Stylish and elegant;
  • Original fastener in the form of a steel anchor;
  • Available in two colors. Classic black and steel;
  • Strong and durable;
  • Does not stretch when worn.


  • Not adjustable in length.

The cost of the Evora 630602-e bracelet in the company store: 1000-1200 rubles.

Model Spikes SSBM-0693

The products of the Spikes company from the USA are for extraordinary personalities with a rebellious character. Their jewelry has decorative elements with unusual designs. Bracelet "Spikes SSBM-0693" is one of the few that is distinguished by its calmness. But, not simple, but strong and courageous. Elegant weaving, in which steel elements are woven, perfectly emphasize masculinity. A relatively calm design makes the model versatile.

mens bracelet Spikes SSBM-0693


  • Interesting weaving;
  • Eye-catching quality steel details;
  • Not too bulky: width - only 9 mm, so it can be worn in a company with other accessories and jewelry;
  • Does not lose shape;
  • Convenient magnet lock.


  • Small size range;
  • Not adjustable in length.

The cost of a genuine leather product is 1700-1900 rubles.

Black leather model with steel motorcycle Everiot LNS-5022

The Moscow brand "Everiot" is stylish jewelry and accessories made of leather, wood, textiles, steel. All works of authorship. Made by hand in small editions. You can safely buy the LNS-5022 bracelet as a gift for any motorcycle fan. The product is made of three thin straps woven of genuine leather. Has a steel motorcycle insert.

men's bracelet in black leather with a steel motorcycle Everiot LNS-5022


  • A brutal product for active young people;
  • Author's work;
  • Limited collection;
  • High quality leather;
  • Convenient and practical magnet lock;
  • Wide range of sizes.


  • Perhaps the design will seem too bold to some.

The cost of an excellent bracelet with a motorcyclist is 2200-2500 rubles.

Well, today it is easy to choose a men's bracelet for every taste and budget. And not all models are listed above. In stores there are accessories made of wood, stone, textiles, steel. Don't be afraid to buy jewelry. If you wish, it's worth trying. And you will always find your own thing.


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