🏥Vitamin D: a review of the best drugs for 2020


Everyone knows the importance of vitamins for the human body. Vitamin D is especially important: its deficiency leads to the development of rickets in young children, and in adults, osteoporosis develops. Calciferol preparations will help maintain the body in a healthy state.

The editorial staff of "bestx.htgetrid.com/en/" has prepared for your attention a review of the best remedies with vitamin D, costing from 192 rubles. up to 2036 rub

Properties of the "sunshine vitamin"

Vitamin D can be considered unique, since its need can be realized not only with food intake, but also produced by the body under the influence of sunlight in the warm season. It is a combined group of substances with a similar structure and function. Ergocalciferol (Vit D2) and Cholecalciferol (Vit D3) are the most active substances.

Natural vitamin D, under the influence of fats and bile, is perfectly absorbed in the human body (it is a fat-soluble substance). The synthetic analog does not need these parameters and is absorbed in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in which it is shown that the intake of fats into the body is limited.

Vitamin D is involved in:

  • in maintaining immunity;
  • is a neuroprotector (promotes the growth and development of nerve cells and neurons);
  • contributes to the preservation of cognitive functions;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • helps prevent cardiovascular disease;
  • participates in the regulation of Ca and P metabolism in the skeletal system;
  • promotes high-quality absorption of Ca in the small intestine;
  • is the prevention of the development of rickets in children at a young age;
  • helps to normalize the function of the endocrine system (thyroid gland);
  • strengthens the body as a whole;
  • is the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and dementia;
  • ensures the normal course of pregnancy and intrauterine development of the fetus;
  • normalizes the correct muscle function;
  • helps to strengthen bone tissue, teeth;
  • relieves "chronic fatigue syndrome";
  • helps to normalize the emotional state (relieves depressive symptoms).

Historical fact! Vitamin D was discovered in 1922 by the American biochemist Elmer McCollum after a series of experiments. It was the fourth vitamin to be discovered at that time, and it was named the fourth in a row by the Latin letter D.

At the moment, it is called a provitamin, since it goes through several stages of biological reactions to activate it.

Required dosages

As a rule, the dose of the drug depends on the age category, the direction of the goal and the type of the necessary funds. The dosage is prescribed by the doctor.

Adults, as a preventive measure, are shown reception:

  • tablet form (1 tab. * 3 r / day);
  • capsules (1 drop 1-2 r / day;
  • drops (1-2 drops 1 r / day).

Small children:

  • starting from infancy (at 3 weeks of life), 1-2 drops. (500 IU / day);
  • from 3 years: 1 lozenge 1 r / day. with food.

When the skin comes into contact with ultraviolet rays, thanks to the participation of cholesterol, vitamin D is produced in the body. In the presence of fats, calciferol is well absorbed by the body, which it receives from food.If you do not go to the sun or use only the necessary food (nutritional supplements), the body will still not receive the necessary amount of Vit D.

Recommendations of specialists! Since Vit D is a fat-soluble substance, it can accumulate in the body. Calciferol consumption can last up to 6 months for people in sunny regions, for others - up to 2 months.

In this regard, medical workers recommend being in the sun more often in the summer, and in the cold period (autumn - winter) - to drink Vit D drugs.

Medicinal species

The modern pharmaceutical industry produces vitamin D preparations in various forms. This allows the buyer to choose a convenient type of calciferol for himself and his children:

  1. Tablet. This is a hard pressed form with a dosed norm of vitamin (1 tablet contains 200 IU of cholecalciferol). Recommended for children over one year old and adults.
  2. Solution. Liquid form with a water or oil base. The dosage is determined by the required number of drops according to the age category. Recommended for babies under 1 year old as a prevention of the development of rickets. A water solution, as it is safer and more quickly assimilated, is more suitable for children. The oil base slows down the absorption of calciferol, but it is absorbed completely.
  3. Capsule. It is a voluminous small flask with a gelatinous shell. Recommended for adults and children after 3 years of age (1 capsule contains 600 IU).
  4. Lozenge. The preparation is presented in the form of jelly candy, perfect for young children, as it has a pleasant sweet taste and an interesting shape. It is important not to overdose the remedy here. Large doses can cause poisoning.
  5. Spray. Vitamin liquid in a bottle with a dispenser. It is recommended to spray under the tongue, where the vitamin is quickly and efficiently absorbed (1 spray = daily dose of the vitamin for an adult).
  6. A water-based injection solution for intravenous infusion. Recommended for the treatment of pathological conditions such as malabsorption and hypocalcemic tetany.

Characteristics of TOP-7 popular best drugs Vit D

TOP-7 popular vit D drugs
N / aNameRecommended forDrug action
1.AquaDetrin "Medana", Poland For the smallest children and adultsEasily digestible formula, promotes 100% absorption in the intestines, "budget option"
2.Vigantol, GermanyBabies and adultsAbsorbed 100%, economical, affordable price
3.BioGaia, ProTectis, Baby, With Vitamin D, Probiotic Supplement, USANewborn childrenUnique formula, natural preparation, Vit D and probiotic, restores beneficial intestinal microflora, value for money
4.Minisan vitamin D "Verman", FinlandFor people of the age category from 18 to 50 years oldNatural preparation, 100% assimilated, value for money
5.Ultra D "ORION PHARMA", FinlandFor adults, pregnant and lactating womenEasy to use, high efficiency, quality and safety control
6.Vitamin D "Evalar", RussiaFor adults of different age categoriesNatural Calciferol and Powdered Lemon Juice, 100% Absorption
7.DETRIMAX D3, USA For people over 50Convenient dosage, beneficial effect on the entire body, prevention of osteoporosis

AquaDetrim "Medana"

A versatile, water-based, fat-soluble vitamin D formula. The special structure of the preparation promotes 100% absorption in the intestine. Manufacturer: Poland, "Medana". Available in a 10 ml bottle.

How to take: Once a day with food or breast milk (small amount) for infants. The dosage is prescribed by the doctor. 1 drop contains 500 IU.

Average price per bottle: from 192 rubles.

AquaDetrim "Medana"


  • easily digestible formula;
  • for the smallest children and adults (especially with diseases of the gallbladder, with biliary stasis);
  • convenient dosage;
  • an economical remedy (1 ml -20 drops, a 10 ml bottle is designed for 100 days, if you take 1000 IU);
  • great reviews;
  • correspondence of price and quality;
  • affordable price, "budget option".


  • possible allergic reactions after ingestion.


Oil-based cholecalciferol. Manufacturer: Germany. Available in a 10 ml bottle.

How to take: with food 1 time / day. (for babies with breast milk). One drop contains 500 IU.

The average price per bottle is 223 rubles.



  • assimilated by 100%;
  • no benzyl alcohol;
  • there is no smell;
  • has good reviews;
  • suitable for adults;
  • economical tool;
  • correspondence of price and quality;
  • affordable price.


  • non-compliance with the dosage leads to an overdose;
  • there may be allergic reactions;
  • available in pharmacies with a prescription.

BioGaia, ProTectis, Baby, With Vitamin D, Probiotic Supplement

The combined preparation in drops, which includes vitamin D and probiotic (lactobacillus Reiteri), was developed for newborn children. Manufacturer: USA, "BioGaia". Available in drops in a 10 ml bottle.

How to take: 5 drops daily / day. Shake well before taking. Contents: in 5 drops up to 400 IU of calciferol and 100 million CFU of bacteria L reuteri.

Average price: 10 ml - 2036 rubles.

BioGaia, ProTectis, Baby, With Vitamin D, Probiotic Supplement


  • unique formula;
  • natural preparation;
  • restores beneficial intestinal microflora;
  • reduces colic in the intestines in infants;
  • can be used from birth;
  • contains vit E;
  • has excellent reviews;
  • correspondence of price and quality;
  • can be stored in the refrigerator;
  • economical packaging (enough for 1.5 months when taking 5 drops).


  • high price;
  • do not freeze when stored in the refrigerator;
  • you can buy via the Internet (rarely found in the pharmacy chain).

Minisan vitamin D "Verman"

It is a chewable tablet with vitamin D with an optimal dosage for people of the age group from 18 to 50 years old (800 IU in 1 tab.). Manufacturer: Finland, "Verman". Available in the form of tablets in a bottle of 100 pcs.

How to take: for adults - 1 tablet / day. Course: 1 month.

Average price per 100 tab. - 818 rubles.

Minisan vitamin D "Verman"


  • natural preparation;
  • has the optimal dosage (you can divide the tablet in half);
  • suitable for young people from 18 years old, women and men, pregnant women;
  • there are no dyes and flavors;
  • no water required;
  • can be chewed or sucked;
  • tastes good;
  • assimilated by 100%;
  • no lactose and gluten;
  • positive reviews;
  • produced only at a plant in Finland (quality control);
  • value for money;
  • enhances immunity, defenses, etc.


  • high price.


This drug replenishes the required amount of calciferol in the body. Product form: chewable tablets in vials of 30, 60, 90 and 120 pcs. It is most profitable to take a large volume. Manufacturer: Finland, "Orion Pharma".

How to take: 1-2 tab. 1 time / day The tablet contains: 1000 IU vit D3, fruit flavor and other excipients.

The average price for a bottle with 60 tablets is 755 rubles, with 120 tablets. -1045 RUB



  • fast absorption;
  • the drug is easy to use;
  • no need to drink water;
  • has a pleasant taste and aroma;
  • safe;
  • high efficiency;
  • proven quality;
  • enhances the absorption of Ca from the stomach and improves its delivery to body tissues;
  • suitable for adults, pregnant and lactating women;
  • customers note good results with menstrual irregularities;
  • positive reviews;
  • produced only at the plant in Finland (strict quality and safety control).

Advice! Take with caution in people with problems such as hypercalcemia, urolithiasis, malabsorption, renal and hepatic impairment.


  • you need to take with food along with something fatty;
  • there may be an individual intolerance to the drug;
  • if the dosage is not observed, pathological processes may develop.

Vitamin D "Evalar"

The biological product has a beneficial effect on the body. It is a chewable tablet containing natural calciferol and powdered lemon juice. Manufacturer: Russia, "Evalar".Available: 60 tablets per pack.

How to take: 1 tablet / day, chewing or dissolving under the tongue (until completely dissolved). Recommended course of admission: from 1 to 2 months. Reapply after 6 months. One tablet contains 600 IU.

Average price for 60 tab. 440 RUB

Vitamin D "Evalar"


  • natural preparation, easy to use;
  • 100% assimilation;
  • for adults of different age categories;
  • improves bone structure (strengthens bone tissue);
  • is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis;
  • normalizes the immune system;
  • contains an adequate daily dosage;
  • contributes to the normalization of mood in depressive conditions;
  • recommended during pregnancy and lactation;
  • has a beneficial effect on the endometrium;
  • contributes to the normal intrauterine development of the fetus;
  • has positive reviews;
  • value for money;
  • affordable price.


  • not found.


Calciferol comes in conventional oral tablet form. Designed for people over 50. Manufacturer: USA. Available: 15 tablets in a blister, 30 pcs and 60 pcs in a package.

How to take: 1 tab. once / day (or ½ tab.) inside with food. Reception course: 1 month. One tablet contains 1000 IU.

Average price: 30 tab. -330 rub., 60 tab. - RUB 665



  • convenient dosage (you can divide the tablets in half: for those who are afraid of an overdose);
  • has the optimal dosage for this age category;
  • increases the natural defenses of the body of the elderly;
  • strengthens the immune system, bone tissue;
  • is the prevention of osteoporosis in women during menopause;
  • correspondence of price and quality;
  • positive reviews.


  • has a relatively high price;
  • the preparation contains a sweetener;
  • if the dosage is exceeded, it has a laxative effect.

Important! It must be remembered that all calciferol preparations belong to the group of dietary supplements and are not drugs.

Vitamin D: daily intake and content in food

How much vitamin D does an adult need per day up to 1000 IU (international units, according to the norms indicated in Russia), according to the foreign classification of norms - up to 4000 IU. This corresponds to 152 gr. salmon or 850 gr. cod.

Human nutrition should be balanced: the diet should contain foods that are necessary to maintain the body in a healthy state.

To replenish Vit D you need:

  • fatty fish (fillets of salmon, halibut, cod, tuna and mackerel);
  • offal (fish milk, cod liver and halibut);
  • the presence of seaweed;
  • beef liver and eggs (yolks);
  • mushrooms (some varieties);
  • dairy products and cheese;
  • avocado.

By consuming all of the listed products, it is impossible to meet the daily requirement of Vit D. If there is a lack of calciferol, it is necessary to take drugs with this substance.

How to choose drugs with Vit D

To avoid mistakes when choosing a drug, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. To study the rating of the best popular calciferol preparations, their properties and cost;
  2. Take into account the individual characteristics of your body (and child) and preferences;
  3. Customer reviews are important;
  4. You need to take into account your material capabilities;
  5. The price of the drug should correspond to its effectiveness;
  6. Before going to the pharmacy, you need to consult with a doctor who will give the necessary recommendations, prescribe a dosage appropriate for age;
  7. It is advisable to buy a vitamin in a pharmacy network or on proven Internet sites in order to avoid fakes.

If you have experience in using calciferol preparations described in the rating or other means, tell us about it in the comments.


  1. Thank you for the article. She took Vit D3 Ultra Finnish for almost the entire pregnancy. I give my baby akvadetrim or vigantol.

  2. I use VITA D3, it is a micellized solution, it is better absorbed and easy to dose. You can choose tastes, I like lemon


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