The best essential oil manufacturers for 2020


Essential oil is a versatile remedy. It can be used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, it can be used as a flavoring agent, added to a cream, and made on their basis, care and washing products. In our article, the reader will be able to familiarize himself with the rating of the best essential oils for 2020.

How to choose

A similar product is presented in stores in large quantities, the buyer may be confused when he sees all the variety of choice on the shelves. Among the entire assortment, you can find both high-quality products and cheap options that do not meet the user's expectations. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer offers unnatural synthetic essential oils that do not have all the necessary spectrum of action. Therefore, first of all, when choosing a product, one should focus on its naturalness. How to distinguish a real product from a synthetic one?

  1. Aroma intensity - the buyer should carefully study the scent of the selected product before purchasing. With frequent contact with natural ether, irritation and rejection should not be. The artificial product will have a pungent and unpleasant scent. Also, a synthetic smell after several bottles cannot be distinguished from one another.
  2. Storage container - the product should be stored in a dark container with thickened glass. The glass must be dark, otherwise the structure of the oil will collapse under the influence of sunlight. If the product is stored in a light jar, then there is nothing to break down, and it is useless to wait for a positive effect from the purchase.
  3. The volume of the container - the essential oil is placed in a bottle with a volume of no more than 5-10 ml. In large bottles, you can find either a fake or cosmetic oil, the scope of which differs from the essential oil.
  4. Composition - there should be no additives in a quality product: no flavoring agents, no flavor enhancers, no preservatives or dyes. One active ingredient is essential oil. In order to avoid a mistake when choosing, you should carefully read the product labeling. The inscriptions “concentrate”, “aromatic oil” and the like should not be. It should also be borne in mind that the manufacturer can dilute the product with another essential oil or vegetable oil. This does not impair the quality of the product, but this information must be indicated on the etiquette.
  5. Variety - there is no ether from apple, grape, apricot. The last two fruits can only be found in the form of cosmetic oils. But the citrus remedy is easy to find on the market, and it is natural. Also common products are options from lavender, fir, pine, tea tree.
  6. Method of use - most products are acceptable for internal use. However, you should be careful and recommend a doctor. You can also use the product externally. But if there is an inscription on the package: "It is forbidden to apply to the skin", then it is difficult to talk about the naturalness of the oil.
  7. Cost is the most controversial point. Since in this case everything depends on the type of raw material and its supplier, the price of the same type of product may differ.However, the buyer should be alerted to the too low cost, because the production of essential oil in good quality requires considerable costs.

I would also like to mention the name of the manufacturer. Familiar and trusted brand products can be purchased without hesitation. But if the manufacturer is not known, we advise you to read reviews about it.

Production method

In order for the buyer to understand the difference in the cost of products, we will describe the methods of oil production. Some of them guarantee excellent quality of the goods, respectively, they require high costs.

  • Anflerage is the most expensive method. It is most often used to treat rose and vanilla flowers.
  • Distillation - in this case, the raw material is treated with steam. This is an inexpensive method, however, in this case, strict cooking rules should be followed, otherwise there is a risk of losing all the useful properties of the raw material, its aroma and effectiveness.
  • Pressing - in this case, the oil is obtained by cold pressing. It also refers to cheap methods, but manual pressing can increase the cost of production, which allows you to maximize the useful qualities of raw materials. This method is ideal for citrus fruits.
  • Extraction - most often special solvents are used for this method. For essential oils, the method is not entirely suitable, rather it is used to create perfume compositions.

What are they used for

The essential oil can be applied in a variety of ways depending on the purpose and the desired effect.

Oil burner

This method allows you to disinfect the air in the room, raise your mood and vitality, prevent colds, and also carry out the "anti-stress" procedure.

An aroma lamp is a container into which the necessary oil should be dripped; under the container there is a place for placing a candle. A burning candle vaporizes the oil and vaporizes the room. There are also options in the form of lamps powered by the mains.

Aromatic bath

A great way to improve the general condition of the body, tidy up the skin and just relax after a hard day's work. The oil can be diluted with vegetable oil or poured into sea salt. The duration of this procedure is 15-20 minutes, and the water temperature should not exceed 38 degrees.


Such a manipulation is designed to get rid of the first signs of a cold and become an excellent preventive measure for frequently ill people.

Add 1-2 drops per 100 ml into a saucepan with hot boiled water. Then you should bend over the pan, cover with a towel and breathe in the steam for 15 minutes.

Enrichment of cosmetics

This procedure allows you to get rid of a number of problems on the face: eliminate acne, tone and rejuvenate the epidermis, return a fresh and rested look. To do this, add oil to the cream at the rate of 5 drops per 150 ml. Alternatively, you can add 1-2 drops to 100 ml of water, pour into molds, then freeze. Such ice is ideal for returning freshness and youth to the face.

Of course, the selection of oil depending on the purpose of the application can be difficult. We will help users figure out:

  • for ARVI, it is recommended to use sage, pine, fir, eucalyptus;
  • under stress - rosemary, lavender, bergamot, orange;
  • to eliminate insomnia - rose, vanilla, chamomile, mint;
  • with reduced tone and apathy - mint, pine, citrus;
  • for acne - mint, tea tree oil, chamomile;
  • migraine - lavender, thyme, ginger.


Essential oil, if used incorrectly, can cause burns and allergic reactions. Since the concentration of active ingredients in the product is too high, this cannot but cause irritation. Therefore, the product should be diluted with sufficient water, cream or natural oil (for example, you can use coconut oil). If we talk about taking oil inside, then a high level of safety should be observed here. You can not take the product in its pure form and without consulting a specialist.

Rating of the best manufacturers of essential oils for 2020

Most inexpensive


This brand is originally from Russia, it has long been producing quality goods with a natural composition and low cost. In addition to essential and cosmetic oils, the manufacturer's assortment includes creams, gels and body mousses, shampoos, balms, and more.

There are no harmful impurities and additives in the composition of the products, the products are suitable for most users, without causing an allergic reaction in those. Raw materials are purchased in Europe, carefully selected and tested. In the production process, the workpieces are maintained in proper form, the manufacturer is maximally focused on preserving all useful properties. The products meet international standards, they are certified and have permission for use. The brand is aimed at creating natural products, this is its main policy.

Elfarma essential oil


  • environmental friendliness;
  • good composition;
  • positive reviews from buyers;
  • wide choose;
  • original packaging design.


  • inconvenient bottle;
  • a small concentration of nutrients.

The average cost is 95 Russian rubles.


Another Russian manufacturer of essential, cosmetic and edible oils. The company's products deserve entirely positive reviews, since they have a persistent pronounced aroma, have an affordable cost and have a positive effect.

Raw materials are supplied from Europe, their quality remains at a high level at all stages of processing. The final products are recommended for users with various pathologies. In particular, funds aimed at normalizing the functioning of the nervous system are in high demand. Esters used for hair care are also quite effective. The use of products in courses will provide a quick and noticeable result. Also in the assortment of the company you can find not the most common oils - for example, verbena.

essential oil Oleos


  • rich choice;
  • excellent result;
  • positive reviews.


  • not identified.

The average cost is 70-100 Russian rubles.


The company that produces natural cosmetics has been gaining popularity lately. The brand is famous for its natural cosmetics that have stood the test of time, guaranteeing pronounced results. The history of the manufacturer begins with the creation of handmade soaps, currently the assortment includes masks, scrubs, gels, hydrolates, mousses and foams.

The raw materials are completely natural, certified. The products do not contain preservatives, dyes, flavors or other harmful ingredients. The range of products is large, there are unusual options made from the resin of tropical trees.

essential oil Spivak


  • natural composition;
  • positive reviews;
  • wide choose;
  • efficiency.


  • the price is higher than that of analogues in this price segment.

The average cost is 400 Russian rubles.

Middle segment


The German manufacturer creates its products from environmentally friendly and safe raw materials. The main motto of the entire manufacturing process is the preservation of all useful and healing properties. At all stages, the blanks are treated with extreme care, guaranteeing an excellent effect from any method of using ether.

In Europe, the products are in high demand, oils are sold in pharmacies, and buyers prefer them. The product has a beneficial effect on the body for general strengthening purposes and in the case of local application on the skin, face and hair. In particular, users highlight immunity strengthening, disinfecting and antibacterial properties.

It is also worth noting the fact that the brand is fully responsible for its products, voluntarily passing all the necessary certifications and quality confirmations. All markings indicating the natural and environmental friendliness of oils are available and comply with the requirements of international organizations.

essential oil Bergland-Pharma


  • great quality;
  • useful composition;
  • many years of experience;
  • efficiency.


  • aromas are not quite pronounced.

The average cost is 300 Russian rubles.

Mi & Ko

Another well-known and demanded company. The brand's policy is aimed at creating high-quality and natural goods, while the batch of products is small, since manual labor is maximally involved in the process. All cooking technologies are unique, the raw materials are safe, the components used are distinguished by a high degree of safety.

Since the production draws the main nuances from the past, combining all the advantages of modernity, the products retain their beneficial properties at the maximum, foreign specialists take part in the development of formulas. In the assortment of goods, the buyer will be able to find both widespread and rare ethers.

essential oil Mi & Ko


  • unique production methods;
  • natural and safe raw materials;
  • big choice.


  • inconvenient bottle.

The average cost is 200 Russian rubles.


This company began its journey 10 years ago, since then the brand has been recognized as one of the best manufacturers of natural and effective products. One of the signs of success is leadership in the ranking of the best massage and essential oils. Also, users note the stylish design of products and packaging, which will be a nice bonus to use.

The company carefully describes all the information about its products, and also gives a detailed description of the methods of application and compatibility of the ester with other oils. Detailed instructions will help an inexperienced user to correctly carry out the aromatherapy procedure.

essential oil Botanika


  • high quality of goods;
  • safety;
  • prizes and awards;
  • positive reviews.


  • discrepancy between the size of the package and the real volume of air.

The average cost is 100 Russian rubles.

Premium segment


The brand, originally from Jordan, is in demand among buyers, and the high cost of the product is fully justified and does not raise questions. In its technologies, the manufacturer is guided by ancient and secret formulas and recipes, together with modern manufacturing methods aimed at preserving the aroma and all healing properties, we get a high-quality and unique product. The buyer will not find harmful chemical compounds in the composition, the raw materials are safe and collected in Morocco, India and Europe.

The cost of the product, its original presentable appearance will be an excellent gift, because it is impossible to be disappointed in the beneficial properties of the ether.

Zeitun essential oil


  • unique cooking technologies;
  • stylish design;
  • efficiency.


  • not identified.

The average cost is 500-1,000 Russian rubles.


And at the end of our rating is an Italian brand, which, like most products, consists of natural organic ingredients. Also, these products are popular with vegetarians, since they are not tested on animals and do not contain synthetic additives. In addition, the hypoallergenic composition is recommended for users with the most delicate perception of oils.

All processing technologies are aimed not only at preserving aromas, useful and healing properties, but also at revealing previously invisible and new odors of ordinary plants.

Argital essential oil


  • vegan;
  • original cooking technology;
  • a wide range of goods.


  • difficult to find on sale.

The average cost is 1,000-1,900 Russian rubles.

If you had experience using the products described in the rating, write your feedback in the comments.


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