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Decking is a versatile product that is suitable for a fence, roof, wall, etc. Therefore, an inexperienced person can get confused in the assortment, and considering that you still need to choose a beautiful color, choose a material, making a purchase is even more difficult. But if the thickness and technical characteristics can be selected without any problems, then finding a reliable company is not so easy. The editors of the site "bestx.htgetrid.com/en/" have prepared for you a rating of the best manufacturers of corrugated board for 2020.

Right choice

In order for the structure to serve for a long period and not deteriorate from precipitation, it is important to know the selection criteria.

  • The first thing to decide is for what purpose the product is being purchased. This is an important point, because after answering it, most of the manufacturers are eliminated.
  • The second is to decide on the geometry of the profile. It is selected based on the goals set.
  • The next parameter is the thickness of the metal. The durability and reliability of the entire structure depends on it. It is better to choose products with an average value, they do not weigh so much, and their strength is at a high level.
  • Another important point is coverage. Although it does not impart any technical properties, it does affect aesthetics.
  • The last thing to remember is the manufacturer.

It is always better to buy such materials from well-known companies, as they value their reputation.

Why buy corrugated board

The first crucial step is to decide on the purpose of the purchase. It is important to understand this point in more detail, because it determines whether a product is suitable or not. Indeed, in some cases it is necessary to use corrugated sheets, in others standard.

It should be remembered that some builders buy material for arranging gazebos or roofs. A certain product with different characteristics is selected for each building. Yes, in certain situations geometry does not play a special role, but if a person plans to equip the roof, then this parameter is given special attention.

The best roof option

The first thing to decide when choosing a product for a roof is geometry. In addition, the material of manufacture is taken into account. It is advisable to use durable metal. You can also find a model for the roof using a special groove, the main purpose of which is to remove excess moisture.

Attention is also paid to the external execution, since aesthetic pleasure and the perception of the structure depend on it. As for the thickness, it is not worth saving here and, on the contrary, buying too thick materials. You need to find a middle ground between cost and durability.

Fence model

Here the user can choose absolutely any performance. There are no geometry restrictions. This is the main advantage, because it allows you to choose a good model for your own taste. But you should remember some rules to make the fence beautiful to read.

  • In order not to think about which side to unfold the fence, you should buy a metal profile with a double-sided coating. This will save the owner of the site from the question of aesthetic placement.
  • Some people acquire a non-standard design, in the form of a metal profile with a curly cut. The design is designed exclusively to create beautiful and unapproachable fences.

Wall sheeting

The material is as easy to spot as the roof products. Since it has one feature - height. This profile reaches several meters, which makes it easy to install on any wall. In addition, the strength and rigidity of the material is many times better than that of the standard version. To make the facade look good, it is better to buy corrugated sheets. This will not only beautify the outside, but also increase the reliability.

Choosing the right product for your canopy

As with standard models, finding a good roof option is not difficult. There are no special requirements here. Because the natural ventilation that is present on the veranda will not allow moisture to accumulate, so there will be no corrosion and other problems.

The only thing worth thinking about is the design of the corrugated board. But this is not such a global problem, since today you can find a suitable performance in a couple of clicks. The main thing is that the visor is suitable in size and fits well.

The importance of characteristics

After a person has decided on the external performance, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical characteristics. Thanks to them, the reliability and durability of the entire structure is determined.

The first thing the buyer needs to decide on is the thickness of the metal. The parameter directly affects the strength and bearing capacity. In addition, the thickness affects the life of the material. The optimal value is considered to be 0.45-0.5 mm. This is the most common option, since with such parameters sufficient strength remains.

Due to its low weight, every user can install the sheets. And the cost of this option is not as high as for large structures.

The next thing to pay attention to is dimensions. Dimensions determine the number of profiles that will be needed to solve a particular task. Today in stores there are small versions (0.5 m), as well as large ones (12 m). Such an assortment makes it possible to find a suitable option in a short period of time, and during construction there will be no waste.

Choosing the right coating

The front side should look beautiful and presentable, because it gives a visual feature to the design. Also, the coating has another useful function - the protection of the material from corrosion and damage. Special attention is paid to this point; you cannot buy profiles with a cheap protective layer. It will deteriorate quickly, which will affect performance.

Some companies produce corrugated board with a long warranty. Unlike standard solutions, their cost is higher. But it is due to high quality and reliability. Often, such models are guaranteed to last over 50 years; during this period, you will not have to tint or trim anything. This solution is suitable for various structures, including fences.

When buying a profile, not only coverage is taken into account, but also the geographical area where it will be installed. Because the constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation, humidity, cold, dust - all this is reflected in the external state. If a person lives near the sea, it is better to buy corrugated board that will withstand constant exposure to sunlight and salts. If you do not take into account the parameter, then over time, the attractive appearance will be lost.

The cost of the goods and the manufacturing company

These are the last points that will help you choose a durable corrugated board. Cost and manufacturer are related. Because some produce cheap goods, while others only produce products of the middle / premium segment. And there are reasons for that.

In order for a metal sheet to serve the entire established period and even over time, it is not recommended to trust cheap products. It happens that some companies deliberately lower the cost of the profile, but sell components at a price higher than the market price. And without building components, nothing can be done.

Reliable companies are doing better, they not only sell durable corrugated board at a favorable price for the buyer, but also provide a written guarantee. Therefore, a person can be confident in the quality of the company, the main thing is to follow the rules of storage, installation and use of products.

Rating of the best load-bearing corrugated board


The plant supplies products to more than 30 regions of Russia. Moreover, the goods are distinguished by their quality and serve for a long period. There are dozens of certificates and awards that confirm the professionalism of the company. Any questions are resolved immediately after the client's call. The organization employs engineers with many years of experience. Strict quality control does not allow defective material to enter the finished product.

It doesn't matter for what purposes you plan to buy a profile, a wide range will help you choose a beautiful and durable option. The cheapest corrugated board costs 251 rubles per running meter. But if a person is not satisfied with the material or coating, he can always choose an expensive model. Regardless of this, the product warranty is 10 years. The production time will not keep you waiting for just one day. Therefore, no disruptions to the construction will occur.

corrugated board Staloff


  • Affordable prices;
  • Decking for any purpose;
  • 14 models;
  • Works only with Russian steel;
  • 10 year warranty.


  • Not found.


Russian company for the production of drywall, professional sheet, etc. profiles. The organization is not an intermediary, since all raw materials are purchased exclusively from the manufacturer. Then it is used to create building materials. This decision brought the company to the first positions in the Moscow market. After ordering, a person receives a durable product that will not deteriorate from strong gusts of wind and constant rain.

To achieve good technical performance, production is carried out taking into account the requirements of the area and on modern machines. This allows you to create durable sheets while reducing construction waste.

professional flooring STiV


  • Dozens of models;
  • Own storage facilities simplify transportation;
  • Fast order processing;
  • Reliability;
  • Guarantee.


  • Not found.

Building Structures Plant (ZSK)

A large organization that produces corrugated board with various coatings. This helps to find the best option for any region. To increase sales and not lose quality, new equipment was purchased from 2012 to 2019, which completely replaced outdated models. This decision significantly increased the flesh output to 2000 tons per month.

The plant employs specialists with 20 or more years of experience. Therefore, during the creation of the material, there will be no marriage. Warehouse area - 15.4 thousand sq. m., which allows you to properly store and transport the manufactured products.

decking Plant of Building Structures (ZSK)


  • Reliability;
  • 2000 tons of corrugated board per month;
  • Diverse assortment;
  • Made from good raw materials.


  • Not found.

LLC PSK Kraftmet

One of the best manufacturers of metal parts, profiles, reinforcement cages, etc. Despite dozens of manufactured goods, the company has maintained a decent quality and affordable cost of its products. Finished products are used in various fields of activity, including some products suitable for summer residents and gardeners. The company provides a long-term guarantee for its products, which speaks positively about the quality.

The staff employs only professionals in their field. If, after a purchase, a person has problems with the material, the company quickly solves them.However, this is rare, because the production has modern equipment that eliminates errors.

professional flooring LLC "PSK Kraftmet"


  • Delivery takes a minimum of time;
  • Large storage room;
  • Fast order fulfillment;
  • Guarantee;
  • The durability of the corrugated board.


  • Not found.

Neva Steel

The company appeared in 2000 and already at that time gained popularity among many builders. For production, proven raw materials are used that do not have even the slightest defect. The manufactured products are suitable for roofs, facades, walls, fences, etc. It all depends on the chosen model. For added convenience, profiles can be painted in 1 of 40 colors. Therefore, a person will always select an option for his own design.

corrugated board Neva Steel


  • All manufactured products are of high quality;
  • A rich assortment will help you find a product for roofing, facades, etc .;
  • Guarantee;
  • 40 colors;
  • Fast problem solving.


  • Not found.

Top manufacturers of corrugated board for walls

Grand Line

A popular company in Russia that produces quality products for construction and gardening. Some products are covered by a 50-year warranty, so a person can be confident in the quality of the product.

To increase the service life of profile sheets, during the creation, not only modern equipment is used, but also proven raw materials. Every detail is carefully checked for defects and conformity. To make it easier to carry out, we have our own laboratory.

professional flooring Grand Line


  • 40 hectares of warehouse and enterprise;
  • Fast delivery and production of goods;
  • Reliability of each product;
  • Long warranty;
  • Strict quality control.


  • Not found.


The company first appeared in 1998. It all started with the release of a profile for drywall, after the company gained great popularity, it continued to expand the sites and today is no longer limited to one position. The range contains dozens of materials for various tasks.

The professional flooring is of high quality and reliability. In addition, a wide range of models makes it possible to choose a reliable model for each building.

professional flooring Mirage-Steel


  • Modern equipment;
  • Low rejection rate;
  • Dozens of different production lines;
  • Guarantee for every product.


  • Not found.


A trusted manufacturer that produces reliable and durable products. It is surprising that at the beginning of the journey the company sold only cable products, but today it produces corrugated board, metal tiles, corners, fittings, etc.

The buyer can always find a product for his own needs. In addition, the organization provides some services, for example, a computer calculation of the roof, as well as the manufacture of a profiled sheet according to its own dimensions.

professional flooring KVIN


  • Acceptable prices;
  • Durability;
  • Wide choose;
  • Diversity;
  • Well-known company.


  • Not found.


A person can order all manufactured products online. Along with the product, there is a step-by-step instruction that will help you install the material with your own hands. Installation will not take time and effort, since the mass is not so large. The company provides not only building materials, but also finishing materials.

The production process is carried out in accordance with GOST. Beautiful design is suitable for a private house or summer cottage. Even if you need to create a gate or a wicket, there will be no problems, since the dimensions are selected individually.

professional flooring RANT


  • Convenience during repair;
  • Appearance;
  • There are load-bearing-wall specimens;
  • Popular brand;
  • Suitable for a residential building;
  • Positive feedback on the work of the enterprise.


  • Not found.


Find quality sheets for fences, roofs, etc. the easiest way is in the manufacturer's online store. One of the advantages of this solution is that there is no overpayment to intermediaries. To reduce selection errors, you should carefully study the companies and specifications.If you have ever bought corrugated board from the companies described in the rating, share your opinion in the comments.


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