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Every year OSB is increasingly used in construction. The material is used for finishing floors, walls or when creating load-bearing structures. It is obtained by processing wood and adding synthetic substances / resins. This improves durability and functionality. There are dozens of different manufacturers of OSB sheets on the market. Therefore, before buying, it is important to deal with popular companies that supply quality goods.

The editors of the site "bestx.htgetrid.com/en/" have prepared for you a rating of the best manufacturers of OSB boards for 2020.

Construction, decoration and more

OSB stands for oriented strand board. Several years ago, it was practically not used anywhere, since the reliability of the material was worse. With the development of the wood processing industry, the product was given a second chance.

By adding chemical components to the chips, the product acquired new properties, became versatile and reliable. Today, many builders consider OSB to be a worthy alternative to plywood.

OSB tiles are indispensable in frame construction, because they are great for insulating houses. But also with the help of the material the floors are leveled.

Each slab consists of 3-4 layers. They are formed from waste wood such as wood chips. To achieve strength, resins, synthetic elements and boric acid are used. Together, the components form a reliable and durable connection. You can also notice that the chips in the board do not have the same orientation, but are located in different ones. This solution has a positive effect on the holding strength.

Another feature is the complete safety of the material. Moreover, it is used to solve construction problems of any complexity. OSB copes well with various requirements, and if used correctly, it can last for a long period. But for this to happen, it is important to know the main varieties of the product and their differences. Because some are suitable for outdoor installation, while the latter can be used exclusively indoors.

OSB surface and types

In construction, 4 types of OSB are used, with each having a number of advantageous sides over the others. When buying a product, this is important to consider in order to choose the right material.

  • OSB-1. The simplest model, as it is used only indoors. With the complex construction of houses, OSB-1 is avoided, however, it is excellent for sheathing furniture or when creating packaging.
  • OSB-2. The product is more durable than the previous one. But the disadvantage in the form of poor resistance to moisture remained. OSB-2 is recommended for use in dry rooms. It is also used for internal construction work.
  • OSB-3. The peculiarity of this option is its versatility. Accordingly, the cost for it will be higher. The material is used both in construction and in decoration, repair, etc. Advantage - withstands high humidity without serious consequences, therefore, it is used both indoors and outdoors.
  • OSB-4.The last option, which is superior in strength to the previous ones and does not deteriorate even from constant exposure to moisture. It is used only in cases where the builder must be 100% sure of the reliability of the material. Due to its resistance to mechanical stress, OSB-4 is used in the construction of load-bearing structures.

But strength is not the only difference between materials, besides it, external processing is important. It plays an important role when choosing a specific product. There are three ways:

  • Grooved. The main difference between a product with such processing is the presence of grooved-groove ends. Depending on the area of ​​use, there are 2-4 such sides, located on the sides.
  • Lamination. Everything is simple here, since the outer part is covered with laminate. Suitable for reusable use. Differs in reliability and simplicity.
  • The last variety is varnishing. The entire outer surface is covered with an appropriate layer of varnish, which allows the product to be used for various purposes.

It is important to know that the classification of such plates depends on the place of production. So, if the product was released in Europe or Russia, then there are 4 numbers that were described above. It's different for American companies. There are only 3 numbers, since during production they are guided by resistance to moisture. For example, when a board is released, it can be labeled as OSB-3, but according to European standards, it refers only to OSB-2. It is important to consider this when ordering material from abroad.

It is important to pay all attention to the choice of material, since durability and strength indicators depend on it. Because in a store or on the Internet, you can buy both a high-quality product that will last longer than the established period, as well as be used in cold winter, and a fake. Care should always be taken, especially if the person does not plan to constantly carry out the final facing.

Where is OSB used

The scope of OSB is high, the material is in demand for almost any finish and in full-fledged construction. But most of the specialists actively use it for:

  • Wall cladding. Thanks to OSB, it is possible to create a good coverage for subsequent cladding, which is a practical solution.
  • Rough finishing of the floor covering. Plates can be used as load-bearing or make them basic. In any case, the strength and reliability will be at the level.
  • Concrete formwork. The material is suitable for repeated use as formwork, which is an important solution during concrete work.
  • Single-layer flooring. If you plan to design a lightweight structure, then OSB can be used as a coating.
  • Roof battens. In this case, the main advantage of the product is good sound absorption. At the same time, the material has sufficient rigidity and does not deform even under the influence of high loads. In some cases, tiles are used as the main element for metal tiles.

The above are only popular areas of use, in fact there are more of them. At the same time, the scope is constantly expanding. The main thing is to choose the right OSB so that it does not deteriorate in a short time.

Advantages and disadvantages

The plate has a number of advantages:

  • Low price. It is because of this that most of the construction work is not complete without OSB. At the same time, the cost here does not mean that the product is bad, it is just that its production is cheaper.
  • Reliability. The parameter is confirmed by experienced builders. Therefore, there is no exaggeration here.
  • Nice appearance. Due to the fact that the outside resembles a tree, it gives aesthetics.
  • Light weight. Unlike solid wood, the material makes it possible to make any dream come true, no scaffolding or auxiliary equipment is needed.

A negative side is also present, but this is not due to the material itself, but to some manufacturers, who, in order to achieve greater benefits, can produce products without observing basic standards.To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to use only products from trusted companies.

Criterias of choice

If you need reliability and durability, it is not recommended to buy goods of Chinese origin. Better to give preference to American or Canadian stoves. But if there is no desire to overpay, then you should pay attention to some European and Russian companies. They make good products at an affordable price, while delivering quickly.

Another important point in making the right choice is to only use the variety that is appropriate for the job. It is not worth looking for benefits when facing walls, and you also do not need to buy an expensive model if you plan to place tiles indoors.

Top popular manufacturers of OSB for flooring

Ainsworth engineered

An American company that produces high quality and durable wood tiles. Most of the products sold are world market leaders. Therefore, the goods are in active demand from various construction organizations. In production, modern technologies are used, which allows increasing sales, reducing costs, but not losing strength characteristics.

OSB Ainsworth Engineered


  • Variety of choices;
  • Strength;
  • Long service life;
  • Great option for the floor;
  • Suitable for large-scale construction.


  • Not found.


Large manufacturer of quality OSB boards. Not only OSB-3, but also 4 are on sale. Therefore, the scope of the product is quite extensive. The production is carried out in compliance with basic standards, for which the company has repeatedly received the appropriate certificates and awards.

The organization constantly supports the forest resources of Russia and conducts active volunteer activities for nature conservation. The production is carried out on European machines.

OSB Ultralam


  • Popular domestic manufacturer;
  • Quality;
  • The released material is used in various industries;
  • The tile has a long service life;
  • Production is carried out on modern equipment in compliance with standards.


  • Not found.


A popular company that is one of the leading manufacturers of wood-based panels. The production capacity of the enterprise is 11 factories for the production of OSB, 2 and 3 for the production of fiberboard, particleboard, respectively, and this is not all the enterprises that the company has.

Products are widely used both in construction and in the furniture industry. The products are distinguished by their reliability and quality, which allows them to be used in the construction of any facilities.

OSB Norbord


  • 11 factories for the production of OSB;
  • Popularity both in Europe and America;
  • The products are distinguished by their strength characteristics;
  • Suitable for various areas.


  • Not found.

Top popular manufacturers of OSB panels for walls

NLK Oriented Strand Board

A reliable company that was one of the first to appear on the Russian market. The company produces models for wall cladding, sub-floors, etc. During production, modern equipment is used, which reduces waste to a minimum.

Strict quality control guarantees only reliable and durable materials that can withstand various loads. The products are in demand in various industries, including furniture factories.

OSB NLK Oriented Strand Board


  • High quality goods;
  • Reliability and fast delivery;
  • Dozens of certificates;
  • Affordable prices.


  • Not found.

LP Building Products

The peculiarity of the company is that it was one of the first to start a large-scale production of OSB. The products are distinguished by their strength characteristics and resistance to moisture. This makes it possible to expand the scope.

Plates are not subject to delamination, unlike some analogues. The material is produced by mixing wood waste with synthetic substances. The latter provide good water resistance.

OSB LP Building Products


  • The products meet European standards;
  • The board contains a high percentage of wood, no unnecessary components;
  • OSB can be used outside and inside;
  • Soundproofing.


  • Not found.

Rating of OSB manufacturers for outdoor use

OSB Glunz

A German company that is suitable for various tasks. The production is carried out in strict accordance with international quality standards. In addition, the stove belongs to the E1 eco-class.

The shavings are impregnated with special resins, which include 20 components. They allow you to get a reliable and durable connection. Also, the products have a low swelling coefficient, so no mold or mildew is formed.



  • Wide range of applications;
  • Water vapor permeability;
  • Excellent geometry;
  • Low swelling ratio.


  • Not found.


Popular manufacturer of quality slabs for construction. The main feature of the material is that it is suitable for both interior and exterior finishing works. It can also be used as a concrete formwork, which significantly increases the scope. The assortment contains dozens of different models, which allows you to choose the best option for each area.



  • Straightness of edges;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Suitable for the construction of wooden structures;
  • Fast shipping.


  • Not found.

DOK "Kalevala"

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of oriented strand board. Production is carried out using modern machine tools, which allows you to increase the volume of products and not lose quality.

OSB DOK "Kalevala"


  • New technologies and materials are used in the manufacture;
  • The largest Russian company;
  • Low cost;
  • The products are safe for health.


  • Not found.

Rating of the best manufacturers of OSB with an unpolished surface


A relatively small company when compared to global production. However, it produces quality boards that are in demand in many developed countries. The company manufactures reliable and durable tiles with a long service life. In addition, she constantly takes an active part in actions to save nature. So in 2003, about 87 million trees were planted.

OSB Langboard


  • The products are suitable for various areas;
  • Durability and reliability of every detail;
  • Delivery;
  • Value for money.


  • Not found.

Talion Terra

A Russian organization that produces a plate with precise geometry and at an affordable price. The production is carried out on German machines, which meets European standards. OSB brand plate is suitable for wall cladding. OSB is durable and does not deform even under stress.

OSB Talion Terra


  • Diversity;
  • Cost;
  • Durability;
  • Quality;
  • Reliable Russian manufacturer.


  • Not found.


Finding an OSB board is not an easy decision. Indeed, for some manufacturers, the material quickly swells, which is why mold and mildew form. To avoid this, it is better to buy a product from trusted organizations. If you bought a stove from manufacturers described in the rating, or you have more interesting firms, tell us about it in the comments.


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