Best lip scrubs for 2020


The use of lip scrubs is a must for every woman. This will not only keep the lips attractive, soft and moisturized, but also keep them healthy. The editors of the site "" offer you an overview of the best lip scrubs.

What is a lip scrub for?

The skin of the lips is more prone to flaking and cracking than other parts of the body. The presence of certain cosmetic lip care will have a beneficial effect on their healthy appearance.

  • The scrub removes dead cells;
  • Regular care helps to stimulate the capillaries, which is why the lips acquire a brighter shade and increase in volume;
  • First of all, care provides constant hydration, and this slows down the aging of the skin;
  • The lip color is evened out.

Almost all such cosmetics contain protection from the sun's rays.

Lips become plump with regular care. And this is a great advantage for those who want to enlarge them without cosmetic interventions. The result will be visible after 2-3 weeks of regular use.

And what are the lip scrubs? Products with natural ingredients are very popular. They are close to home products, but also have a high price tag. The most popular models with buyers - with the addition of various effects - color brightness, volume. There is a type of scrub that contains flavorings and aromas in the ingredients.

Of course, there are many scrub recipes on the Internet that you can make yourself at home. But for those who save their time, it is better to opt for finished products.

What to look for when choosing a scrub?

First of all, when choosing a product, the composition of the product is important. It absolutely must not contain parabens, preservatives, and substances that can cause an allergic reaction.

Some people advise using cosmetics for the face or body. This cannot be done. Other parts of the body are less sensitive, so it can severely damage the skin.

So, for the effectiveness of use, the composition should include the following substances:

  • Coconut oil - anti aging;
  • Olive oil - for fast skin regeneration;
  • Shea butter - for nutrition;
  • Argan oil - for moisturizing;
  • Cocoa butter - for elasticity;
  • Honey - for volume.

A very important element in the composition of cosmetics is a protective filter from sun rays - SPF. Sun protection is often neglected, although this part of the body requires the most attention. They have very thin skin and little pigment. Because of this, she is susceptible to burns.

The main mistake when choosing a suitable product is ignoring the composition. It should match the sensitivity of the lips. Also, if there is an individual intolerance to the components, it is better to exclude scrubs containing them.

How to use a lip scrub

Before using the scrubbing cream, you should check the skin for wounds, cracks, seizures, as well as bleeding wounds, herpes. It is also not recommended to use lip cosmetics immediately after surgery.Experts recommend using a scrub in winter without fail. Since the cold wind and frost contribute to the deterioration of the condition and appearance.

To use this skin care cosmetics, it is important to follow the phased procedure.

  • Preparatory procedures are very important. For deeper cleansing, you need to make a moisturizing mask. You can use a regular napkin after wetting it.
  • Now you can apply the mask. This should be done with light movements, as if massaging. The mask is applied within 2-3 minutes. This step is important for the complete absorption of the product.
  • Then the mask must be left, and according to the instructions for use, wait time. This is necessary for the best result, so that each cell has time to be saturated with cream. Waiting time is 5, and preferably 10 minutes. Overexposure is also not worth it. But during this time, the balm is sufficiently absorbed.
  • After aging the mask, the residues must be carefully removed with a soft, damp cloth. Often they apply and remove the cream by hand - this is not recommended. Nothing should be left on the skin, so it's best to use a clean cotton cloth.
  • To fix the result, hygienic lipstick or natural leave-in oil is applied. With most scrubs, the effect is immediately noticeable.

According to buyers, ready-made cosmetics are easier to use and have more functionality than do-it-yourself ones.

Rating of the best lip scrubbing cosmetics for 2020

The cheapest


This is the most popular model among buyers. And it's not just the low price. The product is a small jar weighing 15 grams. The cream is soft and pleasant to the touch, has a rich coconut scent.

It contains shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil. Therefore, after the first application, the skin becomes moisturized and smooth. There is an additional effect - after use, the sponges become brighter.

The average cost per jar is 110 rubles.

lip scrub Spivak


  • Result after the first application;
  • Nice smell;
  • Strong hydration;
  • Does not require rinsing;
  • Budget cosmetics.


  • There are no shortcomings in customer reviews.


Balm scrub exfoliates the skin well and evens out the structure. The product has a convenient packaging - a small stick weighing 4 grams. You can carry it with you and use it in any situation. The product contains vitamin E, therefore regular use of the balm makes the skin elastic and prevents aging.

The price for a stick is 82 rubles.

lip scrub BelorDesign


  • Antiseptic effect;
  • Slowing down skin aging;
  • The presence of active ingredients in the composition.
  • Convenient packaging;


  • Fast consumption.

Cafe mimi

The care product comes in a small tube that is easy to apply. It contains cocoa, shea, grape and almond butter. An additional effect of the application is the healing of small wounds. The product has a soft texture, so it does not injure the top cover.

The cost of a 15 ml tube is 125 rubles.

Cafe mimi lip scrub


  • Fast exfoliation;
  • Skin healing;
  • It contains a variety of nourishing oils.


  • May cause an allergic reaction.


The product from the brand of professional cosmetics has a pure composition consisting only of nutritious oils and additives. The product not only nourishes the skin, but also exfoliates dead particles. The product is in a small box, has a cherry smell and a soft texture.

The cost of 10 ml is 156 rubles.

Elseda lip scrub


  • Reliable manufacturer;
  • Double effect after the first application;
  • Delicious smell.


  • Not found.

House of nature

The product from this brand not only moisturizes the lips and protects them from cold and wind, but also acts as a sugar peeling. But thanks to the texture of the cream, sugar does not injure the skin, but gently cleanses it. The product is packaged in a jar, and is more suitable for home procedures.

The average cost for 70 grams is 160 rubles.

lip scrub House of Nature


  • Variety of additives - fruit, coffee;
  • Pure composition;
  • Large packaging at a reasonable price.


  • It is inconvenient to carry with you.

Middle price segment


The brand represents the organic product Oat grains & honey. It does not contain preservatives or harmful additives, it contains only natural products. The scrub mask acts as a peeling for the texture - thanks to the addition of oat particles. And honey and cinnamon soften and help heal chapping. With regular use, the effect of enlarged, full lips is created.

Price for 15 gr. - 500 rubles.

Zeitun lip scrub


  • Natural composition;
  • Treatment and prevention of chapping, cracking, drying out;
  • Sweet smell;
  • Economical consumption.


  • Dense consistency - therefore not very convenient to apply.


A cosmetic product with a composition of vitamins and natural oils. It is universal - it moisturizes in summer, nourishes with vitamins in spring, and protects against external factors in winter. The delicate creamy structure is economical and easy to rinse off.

The price for a volume of 30 ml is 589 rubles.

Ecooking lip scrub


  • Price-quality ratio;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Suitable for all skin types.


  • Not found.

A'Pieu Coffee Lip Scrub Amelipcano

The product from this brand is easy to use - the stick can be carried in a purse of any size. The scrub moisturizes and smooths the surface, so the product can be used before applying makeup. The product is applied with light movements and left for 5 minutes to fully absorb. After the leftovers are removed with a soft napkin.

The composition includes not only vitamins, but also sunflower oils, Arabica grains.

The average price is 599 rubles.

lip scrub A'Pieu Coffee Lip Scrub Amelipcano


  • Recovers quickly from injuries;
  • Relieves irritation and dryness;
  • Evens out the tone.


  • Small packaging.

The Face Shop Lip Scrub

The cream from this brand not only nourishes, but also prevents the appearance of cracks and chapping. Very effective in winter. The product is suitable for sensitive and thin skin, thanks to the mango in its composition, it moisturizes well. The product is also suitable for preparation for makeup, it evens out the color and texture of the lips.

The cost for a tube of 10 grams is 560 rubles.

lip scrub The Face Shop Lip Scrub


  • Simple to use;
  • Used as a makeup base;
  • Convenient packaging.


  • Not found.

Max Factor Scrub Miracle Prep Lip Scrub

Cosmetic product in the form of a matte lipstick. It consists of two layers, the outer one is lipstick, it gives the lips a delicate shade, and the inner one is a sugar scrub. The sugar is crushed, so it does not hurt, but gently removes dead particles. An additional effect of constant use is an increase in volume.

The cost for 5 grams is 510 rubles.

lip scrub Max Factor Scrub Miracle Prep Lip Scrub


  • Pleasant sweet smell and taste;
  • Double effect;
  • Frost and wind protection.


  • Not high efficiency.



This cane sugar cream scrub exfoliates to leave the skin soft and smooth. The composition includes coconut, shea, olive oil. Due to this, the lips become moisturized after the first application.

The peculiarity of the cream is that it contains enzymes of flowers - chrysanthemum, dandelion and lotus. This ensures the effectiveness of the product and its quality. For a greater effect, the cream should be applied 2-3 times a week.

The average price for 25 ml is 1,790 rubles.

lip scrub Whamisa


  • Triple effect - rejuvenation, hydration, nutrition;
  • Low price for the segment;
  • For all skin types
  • Ecological packaging.


  • No customer reviews were found.

By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Scrub

A premium balm is often used for professional makeup. It gives shine and a subtle pale pink hue. Its popularity comes from the perfect tone that it creates. For dry lips, this is a real find. The balm gently exfoliates and does not injure even sensitive skin.

The average price is 2,188 rubles.

lip scrub By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Scrub


  • Quality product;
  • Suitable even for sensitive lips.


  • High consumption.

Zao make-up

A scrub balm is a lipstick packaged in a small pouch. The packaging is very spacious and environmentally friendly. The product contains rice powder. It exfoliates very gently, leaving the texture soft and plumping up the lips.

It is recommended to use the balm 2 times a week and before applying matte lipstick. Externally looks well-groomed and perfectly smooth thanks to jojoba oil and acacia wax.

The cost for 3.5 grams is 2,456 rubles.

Zao make-up lip scrub


  • Beautiful packaging;
  • Organic composition;
  • Can be used before makeup.


  • High price.

DIOR Exfoliant Balm

Luxury balm is often used by professional makeup artists. It nourishes after the first application and smoothes the surface, leaving the perfect makeup base.

The product has a subtle pleasant smell and a versatile pink color. The composition does not contain substances that cause allergies. After use, the scrub does not require rinsing.

The average cost is 2,145 rubles.

DIOR Exfoliant Balm


  • Package design;
  • Application efficiency;
  • Has a rich color;
  • Moisturizes the skin.


  • Price.

Christian Dior scrub mask for face and lips Prestige Le Sucre De Gommage

The cream is used not only for the lips, but also for the entire face. Comes with a spatula for easy application and distribution over the skin. The scrub is sugar-based, but crushed, so the skin is not injured.

You can even use the mask for allergy sufferers, as well as for any skin type. The texture of the cream is very soft, when applied it exfoliates and turns into oil. Therefore, the consumption of the product is very economical. It is recommended to use it 2 times a week.

The price for a jar is 4,946 rubles.

lip scrub Christian Dior face and lip scrub mask Prestige Le Sucre De Gommage


  • Price-quality ratio;
  • Packaging and design;
  • Economical use;
  • Pleasant taste;
  • Smoothness of the skin after the first application;
  • Light scent of roses.


  • Not found.

Where to buy lip scrub in 2020?

How to choose a care product among all the variety, how to choose a company and where to buy? These are the most important questions when choosing beauty care.

To begin with, you need to turn to the official online cosmetics stores. There is no chance of stumbling upon a fake, and the quality of the goods will correspond to the declared one. Also, proven retail cosmetics stores that have their own website are suitable for ordering.

The use of a scrub mask is recommended for every woman for the following reasons:

  • Protection of thin skin from temperatures: dryness in summer, and crackling in winter;
  • Fast recovery of damaged skin;
  • Leveling the base for applying makeup;
  • Regular hydration, which means a healthy and attractive appearance;
  • Removal of dead skin particles;
  • Skin nutrition with vitamins and natural oils.

Having studied the presented TOP of care products, it will be much easier to make a choice. All of them are distinguished by their time-tested quality composition. But, nevertheless, when choosing, it is important to read consumer reviews. If you have experience using lip scrubs in different price ranges, let us know in the comments.


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