Best hand warmers for 2020


Almost everyone who lives in an area where there is a real climatic winter faced the problem of frozen hands. Even good gloves do not always save you from cold and wind. And if the legs rarely freeze during active sports or brisk walking, then the hands are more sensitive to low temperatures. Indeed, warm gloves and beautiful design, freedom of movement are practically incompatible. But there is a way out. Today we will focus on the rules for choosing the best hand warmer.

What are

First of all, hand warmers are disposable and reusable.

  • Disposable products are vacuum-packed powder. When the package is opened, its contents react with oxygen and begin to actively oxidize. This generates a lot of heat. Putting bags in your pockets can warm your hands and keep yourself warm.
  • However, the budget option for hand warmers does not suit avid fishermen, hunters and tourists. And mothers of little mischievous people. Better to get a reusable device, layered, catalytic, or electrical. So that the warmth comes at the right time.

Today we are going to take a look at hand warmers that can be reused. And also, let's talk about their advantages and disadvantages, and for which target audience these or those devices are intended.

Gel or saline

Reusable heating pads. Available as thin silicone pads filled with gel or saline. The principle of operation is based on a chemical reaction. By bending the applicator inside, the user triggers a reaction in which heat is generated. After cooling, the heating pad is boiled for 5-10 minutes, previously wrapped in a cloth.

You can't call it very convenient. She keeps the temperature for about 1 hour. To restart, you need to return home. But, most people love these models for their compactness, safety, variety in design and budget cost. They fit perfectly in a glove or pocket. They will allow you to comfortably get to work or a place of study, they will warm children's hands during winter fun. But, not suitable for winter sports, hunting or fishing.

The main disadvantage is fragility. Over time, the solution ceases to heat up to 50-54 degrees set by the manufacturers. The applicator often fails. To extend the life of the device, you need to purchase heating pads from well-known manufacturers that have proven themselves in the market. Another point is not to leave the used heating pad for a long time in a solid state.


Two adorable cat paws will not only warm your hands in the winter cold, but will also cheer you up. The Russian manufacturer Delta-Therm uses a saline solution as a filler. To start the heating pad, just press the metal plate. After a few seconds, the "cat's feet" will warm up to 52 degrees. And they will work for an hour.

hand warmer Paw


  • Original design;
  • Made of dense PVC, you can not be afraid to damage the product by removing gloves or putting it in a bag;
  • Size 10 by 11 cm, which is ideal for a woman's hand;
  • Safe for children;
  • A great gift for a teenager.


  • There are complaints about the trigger.Due to the dense material, you have to apply a fairly large force when pressing. With active use, it quickly fails;
  • Volumetric. Not all gloves can be used.

The cost of a bright product is 350-400 rubles.


Another product from Delta-Therm. Salt heating pad is suitable not only for warming the hands, but also for cold compresses for bruises and sprains. To use it for cooling, it is enough to place the product in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. Otherwise, it is no different from other salt devices. The main thing is not to forget to boil it after use.

Warmer Heart


  • Very compact and slim. Can be carried in a small pocket, or wear thin gloves over it;
  • Ergonomic, the contours coincide with the outline of the palm;
  • Suitable for children;
  • Durable topcoat material despite its apparent thinness.


  • Short working time, about 40-50 minutes;
  • Sold one at a time.

However, the budget cost in the range of 250-300 rubles allows you to purchase two products at once.


The Finnish company knows firsthand about the harsh winters. Therefore, she released sets of three colored heating pads for sale. Comfortable and functional, just the size of your palm, they will not let your hands freeze. The maximum temperature they give is 50 degrees. Warm up for an hour.

heating pad Savotta


  • Warmers are bright and stylish at the same time.
  • Slim and compact.
  • Positioned as absolutely safe to use. However, small children should not use them on their own. You can't get burned, but unpleasant sensations for baby's skin are possible.
  • According to customer reviews, it has a long service life in terms of heating / cooling.


  • Quite thin silicone that requires careful handling.

The price for the set is within 900-1000 rubles.

Thermocompressor SMART

Salt heating pad from the medical products company "SOLEX". Only high quality potash salt is used for filling. Therefore, products that provide uniform heating of tissues are more often used for diseases. They will not only help you keep warm, but also help get rid of the pain of arthritis or gout. The device heats up to 52 degrees and keeps warm for about an hour.

heating pad Thermocompress SMART


  • Convenient design;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Withstands up to 1000 heatings;
  • The trigger will last a long time, even with frequent use;
  • The top layer is made of durable, pleasant to the touch material;
  • Can be used for medical reasons.


  • A relatively high cost of 400-450 rubles, considering that the kit includes one product.


In most cases it resembles a cigarette case. In a metal case with small holes for heat release, there is a catalyst, a cotton-filled flask and a reservoir for a flammable liquid. As the latter, gasoline is most often used.

The work is based on the principle of combustion without flame. The fuel, passing through the catalyst, is saturated with oxygen and getting on the filler, it causes the oxidation process with the release of heat. Such devices are especially appreciated by fishermen, hunters, hikers or climbers.

The main advantage is the long cycle time. As a rule, it lasts for 10-12 hours. The device does not need additional preparation at home, like salt devices, and does not require an electrical power source. A match or a lighter is enough for lighting. It can also be used to heat a small tent or car interior. It won't be warm like in the tropics, but it's real to get warm.

Of the minuses, the smell of gasoline is noted during operation. Ability to refuel the device and light the wick in any weather. In general, a toy for strong-minded men.

Zippo 40368

Classics of the genre from a famous American manufacturer. The company is constantly improving catalytic hand warmers as they are in constant demand in the United States. The presented model is absolutely safe for children and adults.However, the developers, trying to achieve perfection, were a little too clever.

heating pad Zippo 40368


  • Safe and easy refueling system;
  • Durable body made of a special metal alloy that does not heat up during operation;
  • Durability. Calmly transfers up to 5000-6000 work cycles;
  • Keeps warm from 10 to 14 hours;
  • Its power is enough to heat a small tent.


  • For ignition, silicon, wicks are required;
  • Works only on special gasoline produced by the company;
  • You will have to buy exclusively branded consumables.

The cost of a heating pad is also far from democratic. Device price: 2800-3000 rubles.

Kovea KJ8HT0201

Not everything Chinese is bad. And a catalytic heating pad from the Mosquito Warmer company is a direct proof of this. The stylish little thing will appeal to fans of outdoor recreation. Its design uses a 12 ml reservoir, which allows you to maintain a temperature of about 60 degrees for up to 10 hours. The device is distinguished by its functionality. It is sold complete with a plastic case, so you should not be afraid of getting burned when using it. There is a holder for mosquito records.

heating pad Kovea KJ8HT0201


  • Slim and compact. Fits in a small pocket or mitten;
  • Lightweight;
  • Differs in durability and reliability in use;
  • Durable body;
  • Keeps warm well;
  • Can be used by putting the device in a sleeping bag while spending the night outdoors;
  • Has a fumigator function;
  • The heat generated is enough to keep a small tent warm.


  • With prolonged use, a gasoline smell may appear.

The device is of the middle price category. It costs from 1800 to 2000 rubles.


According to users, the model has an optimal price-quality ratio. Basically, it differs little from the previous device. Unless it acts as a fumigator. But the set includes a cover with a rather long cord. Many fans of ice fishing, who have to sit over the hole for a long time in one position, tie it to the loop on the jacket and lower it behind their back. Pleasant warmth for 12 hours will keep you warm. The hunters also adopted their life-style.

Warmer Pathfinder


  • Robust steel body;
  • Stylish design;
  • With the help of reliable fasteners, the heating pad can be easily fixed in the tent, or near the sleeping bag;
  • Easy to refill, includes a measuring can;
  • No problem with ignition.


  • There is no button to turn off the heating. The device will work until the fuel runs out.
  • There are complaints about consumables. Experienced tourists are advised to buy consumables from a Zippo heating pad.

Device cost: 1100-1300 rubles.


Today manufacturers offer a huge selection of electric hand warmers. Moreover, in pursuit of customers, many force the devices to almost cook borscht. Of course, you can hardly cook lunch with them, but you can charge your mobile, use them as a flashlight or night light. And of course warm your hands.

M12 Cordless Real Tree Xtra Camo

Such a gift will be appreciated by any fisherman, especially a female. And today, the girl with fishing rods no longer surprises anyone. However, men and hunters will also like it. Everyone knows that hands are mercilessly cold in gloves, and warm mittens interfere with playing fish and quickly pulling the trigger. The original electrically heated sleeve makes it possible not to wear gloves or mittens, and your hands will be warm. With a completely infected battery, the heating pad will work at maximum load for up to 6 hours.

heating pad M12 Cordless Real Tree Xtra Camo


  • Leaves hands free;
  • Does not hinder movement;
  • There is no danger that the device will fall and break;
  • Two operating modes;
  • There is a possibility of temperature control.


  • Short heating period;
  • Doesn't differ in advanced functionality;
  • The accessory is made in a military style and looks like an exclusively masculine one. However, in retail outlets, you can find stylish women's muffs and playful children.

The product can hardly be attributed to the budget segment on the market. Its cost: 4000-4100 rubles.

USB Gloves

Funny gloves in the form of animal faces were appreciated by those who have to spend a long time at the computer. For example, in an unheated warehouse or in a cold office. People with vegetative-vascular dystonia who have cold hands are also delighted with them. An interesting little thing will come in handy when photographing on a tablet in nature. The main condition for work is that there is a USB port nearby.

warmer usb gloves


  • Interesting design;
  • Not a bad life for PC users;
  • A great gift for a girl or teenager.


  • The need to have a USB port at hand for device operation;
  • Mostly feminine design and glove sizes.

The cost of the accessory depends on the model and varies from 250 to 300 rubles.

Pebble Hand Warmer Power Bank 5000 mAh

The ideal solution is to connect the charging device to the heating element and get a functional hand warmer. True, according to statistics, the device is most often used by those who want to recharge their mobile phone. Its power is enough just for charging one smartphone or heating for 6 hours.

warmer Pebble Hand Warmer Power Bank 5000 mAh


  • Lightweight aluminum and plastic body;
  • Ergonomic shape and stylish design;
  • Large selection of colors;
  • Temperature control from 39 to 50 degrees;
  • The ability to use a heating pad as a charger for a smartphone;
  • Easy to operate. There is only one on / off button on the case.


  • Charges for over an hour.

The average cost is about 1000 rubles.


A modern hand warmer that can be controlled from a smartphone. However, this is where the pros end. The device works exclusively for heating.

heating pad EnergyFlux


  • Compact;
  • Easy;
  • Smooth temperature control;
  • Smartphone control.


  • Small functionality;
  • Overpriced, according to buyers, the cost in the amount of 2200-24000 rubles.

EnergyFlux Enduro 7800 mAh

Interesting compact model. At the same time, it has advanced functionality. In addition to the heating function, it acts as a flashlight and smartphone charger. Heating is adjustable from 40 to 50 degrees. Works in heating mode up to 7 hours. Able to charge 2 smartphones. Withstands up to 500 charges.

A reliable, but far from budget option for hand warmers. The cost of the product is within 2900-3000 rubles.

Warmer EnergyFlux Enduro 7800 mAh


  • Reliable and durable;
  • Compact and lightweight;
  • The case, despite the fact that it is made of plastic, has a sufficient margin of safety;
  • Provides reliable performance over a long period of time;
  • Multifunctional.


  • The battery breaks down quickly.

A lot of hand warmers are produced today. Choosing the right device is easy. It all depends on preference. A salt product is ideal for children's pens. Men who are fond of hunting and fishing will choose catalytic. And electric ones are versatile.


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