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For most, hair removal is a daily necessary procedure. Therefore, it is very important to carefully choose the right product, taking into account all the features of the skin. There are many options and manufacturers of such products on the market today. The editorial staff of the site "bestx.htgetrid.com/en/" offers you an overview of the best shaving gels for 2020.

How to shave properly: expert advice

  • In order to avoid cuts and subsequent irritations, it is necessary to moisturize the skin layers abundantly. It is good to start the procedure in the shower or immediately after it, it is also advisable to use special personal hygiene products for preliminary washing.
  • The shaving product itself is applied to soften stubborn hairs, prevent irritation and ensure easy glide. It can be foam, gel, oil, special cream, or even regular foamed soap.

A very important factor in preventing possible damage is the quality of the blades. Even using emollients and moisturizers will not provide a comfortable and safe shave if the blades are not sharp enough. Also, the shaving razor needs to be rinsed frequently. The movements themselves should be light and smooth. Shaving hair is permissible both along the growth and against, the main thing is that the method is comfortable.

The final step will be to apply a moisturizing consistency after shaving (lotion, gel or cream), which will soften the skin.

Types of funds

The need for shaving products is obvious. The fact is that every time you have to cut off a huge amount of very hard hairs from the soft, movable skin surface. The selection criteria are determined by the functionality, the tools must perform the following actions:

  • Lubricate and create a protective layer between the blade and skin, greatly reducing the chances of irritation or scratching;
  • Soften and moisturize hair, which makes the process easier and more comfortable;
  • Also, the application of the gel provides visual control. The presence or absence of foam in the shaving area allows you to clearly identify the areas already treated.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the skin and personal preferences, various formulations can be used during the procedure. What are the types of funds


As a rule, such cosmetics are used in professional barbershops, but they are also perfect for home use. Especially true for men who prefer the "dangerous shave" style. In addition to quick gliding, the oil provides first-class care. This is not only moisturizing and nutrition, but toning and enrichment with minerals (as a rule, natural ingredients are part of such products). Also, the oil will become irreplaceable in the formation of sideburns and beards, the hair will become soft and manageable. The only drawback of using the oil is its high, in comparison with other formulations, price.

Soap and cream

With this method, you will have to make the foam yourself using a shaving brush. There are probably no pluses, except for the cheapness, for such an option. The soap will likely dry out your skin and cause irritation. In addition, regular self-made foam can damage the metal on the razor, making the cassette unusable.

Foams and gels

Today these are the most popular and easy-to-use types of consistencies. Available in cans with a dispenser. The widest assortment of these goods is presented on the market, among which everyone will certainly select a product that suits him in terms of action and price, including new items regularly appear. It is unacceptable to use gels and foams when using a “dangerous shave” style or if you are allergic to soap components.

How to choose the right product and what to prefer foam or gel Each of these options has both advantages and disadvantages.
Foam benefits:

  • Easy to wash off;
  • Lighter airy texture that does not clog pores;
  • The foam is formed instantly.

But the gel also has its advantages:

  • Effective protection of skin surfaces;
  • The dense consistency ensures the formation of a tighter and richer foam, which ensures an economical consumption;
  • More effective lubricants that provide better glide.

The cost of the gel is higher than the cost of the foam, but its consumption is less. The gel will provide better lubrication than the foam, but its thick structure can clog the machine. Airy, comfortable foam does not guarantee sufficient lubrication and moisture in many cases. The following are the most popular gel models for 2020. Recommendations and customer reviews allowed us to make a rating of quality shaving gels and foams.

TOP shaving gels

The advantage of the gel base over other structures is the absence of soap, which dries out the face, as well as the presence of natural emollient extracts in the formula and mineral complexes that not only perform protective functions, but also nourish the skin layers.

Fusion Hydra Gel Sensitive Skin

In the first place is the men's shaving gel for sensitive skin from Gillette. Estimated cost: 190-220 rubles.

The composition includes an Ultra Comfort complex that helps moisturize and soften the skin. Indispensable for sensitive skin. The procedure using this gel will be as comfortable and safe as possible. Provides a protective layer both during and after shaving. Upon completion of the procedure, the face will remain clean and fresh. Contains vitamin E, which nourishes the skin surfaces, and aloe extract.

Fusion Hydra Gel Sensitive Skin


  • Facilitates the sliding of the machine;
  • Protects from irritation;
  • Perfectly softens hair;
  • Cools pleasantly;
  • Economical consumption and low price.


  • Not a very convenient dispenser.

Gillette Series moisturizing

In second place is the gel also from this company. The approximate price of a bottle is 205-250 rubles.

Description: The composition contains cocoa butter, which perfectly nourishes the treated areas. Also contains a unique hydrating formula with triple protection function, which includes the following items:

  • Softening bristles;
  • Protection;
  • Improved glide.

Protects from feeling of tightness and dryness, prevents redness and cuts. Also one of the components is glycerin, which maintains the natural moisture level.

Gillette Series moisturizing gel


  • Simple and comfortable application;
  • Softens even very coarse hairs;
  • Highly moisturizes.


  • With prolonged use, the dispenser often breaks.

Gel for sensitive skin L'Oreal Paris

Third place and the price is 300-350 rubles. for the balloon.

The undeniable advantage of the product is its hypoallergenic formula. Also, aloe vera extract moisturizes and softens, prevents dryness after the procedure. Alcohol, fragrance and fragrance free. Provides a safe and gentle shave.The formed foam distributes in a thin even layer, which organizes an economical consumption. Suitable for both men and women.

shaving gel for sensitive skin L'Oreal Paris


  • Great flavor;
  • Safe for health;
  • Economical consumption;
  • It moisturizes well.


  • High price

Nivea "Soothing" for sensitive skin

The fourth place is taken by the Nivea “Soothing” product for sensitive skin. The average price is 180-230 rubles.

Suitable for a person in need of extra care. Chamomile extract and vitamin E in the formula will ensure a perfectly close shave. The consistency has a neutral odor. Also free of alcohol and fragrances. Suitable for girls.

Nivea Soothing Gel for Sensitive Skin


  • Nice smell;
  • Doesn't make you feel tight;
  • There are no alcohol and fragrances;
  • Suitable for very sensitive skin.


  • Loose consistency, which contributes to wasteful consumption.

Series Sensitive Skin Gel

The fifth place is again occupied by the most popular manufacturer Gillette. The cost of the funds is 160-200 rubles.


  • The triple action formula moisturizes, softens and refreshes;
  • The composition contains effective ingredients that protect against irritation and redness after washing;
  • Also suitable for young guys, it will provide the necessary care for a young sensitive skin surface.
Series Sensitive Skin Gel


  • Economical consumption;
  • Low cost;
  • Lubricates perfectly, providing good sliding;
  • Creates a cooling effect and prevents burning.


  • Not found.

List of the best foams according to buyers' opinion

Gillette for sensitive skin

First place. The cost of the cylinder ranges from 120-150 rubles.

Easy to rinse off and easy to apply. Contains the specially formulated Gillette Comfort Glide formula for a close shave that thickens the foam for a comfortable glide. Suitable for skin prone to irritation and redness.

Gillette foam for sensitive skin


  • Economical consumption;
  • Low price;
  • Convenient to apply.


  • Strong smell;
  • Contains fragrances;
  • Poorly lubricates the skin surface.

Gillette Series Sensitive Skin

  • In second place is the foam of the Gillette brand. The minimum price is 185 rubles.

Aloe in the formula enriches the skin with emollients and soothing agents. Provides three levels of protection:

  1. Softens bristles;
  2. Protects;
  3. Lubricates for a comfortable glide;
  4. The aromatic components in the foam are non-irritating. Suitable for the most sensitive skin.
Gillette Series foam for sensitive skin


  • Neutral odor;
  • Relieves irritation;
  • Economical consumption.


  • With prolonged use, the consistency changes, it becomes liquid.

Antistress Declare

In third place is premium Swiss foam at a price of 1600-1800 rubles. per bottle.

Plant extracts and organic composition prevent irritation and burning. The creamy texture ensures a smooth glide of the blades. Does not contain alcohol and fragrances, hypoallergenic.

Foam Antistress Declare


  • Natural material;
  • Highly economical;
  • Suitable for all skin types.


  • High price

Feather HiShave Shaving Foam with Hyaluronic Acid

In fourth place is a professional product from Japanese manufacturers. The cost ranges from 850 to 1000 rubles.

The product makes the hair removal process flawless. Perfectly complements the women's shaving set. The formula with hyaluronic acid creates a light and thick foam that envelops the face, creating a protective layer, it will maintain a sufficient level of moisture in the skin layers for a long time. When using this remedy, sensations of tightness and dryness are excluded, the face will become soft and smooth. For the beauty of skin surfaces, coconut oil is present in the composition, which supplies the areas of application with nutrients and eliminates the appearance of irritations.

Feather HiShave Shaving Foam with hyaluronic acid


  • The hyaluronic acid in the composition provides protection and hydration for a long time after the procedure;
  • Well moisturizes and nourishes the skin;
  • It is economically consumed;
  • Convenient packaging.


  • High price.

L'Oreal Paris against irritations

In fifth place is foam, costing 250 rubles.

The composition contains hydroglycerin, which prevents the appearance of redness and burning. Suitable for all skin types. The stainless steel bottle guarantees the preservation of the product for a long time.

anti-irritation L'Oreal Paris foam


  • Easy to distribute;
  • Perfectly moisturizes;
  • Nice neutral smell;
  • Perfectly and quickly softens bristles.


  • Uneconomic expense.

It is impossible to exclude mistakes when choosing the right gel or foam. Each organism has its own individual characteristics, and the likelihood that this or that component that is part of the product may not fit is always present.

The consumer should choose a gel based on the reaction of the body, if redness and burning occur, it is necessary to purchase delicate preparations for sensitive skin. For dry, it is worth giving preference to mixtures with plant substances, which will additionally moisturize and nourish. For the oily type, toning gels with a cooling effect are suitable.

Top manufacturers

Which company is the best product to choose, you can decide by analyzing the rating of goods on various sites, for example, in an online store. The popularity of models of one manufacturer or another is not always ensured by quality, which is worth paying attention to when choosing.

The best manufacturers offer product lines for different skin types. The following brands can be distinguished from the middle price segment:

  1. Gillette. On the market since 1901. Specializes in accessories and shaving products.
  2. Nivea. Uses natural ingredients for the production of products. There are no harmful impurities, fragrances in cosmetics. Suitable for men and women of all ages.
  3. L'Oreal Paris. Has a hotel line of delicate products that are suitable for delicate sensitive skin.
  4. ARCO. Differs in the use of natural ingredients and low price.
  5. Professional American firm Barbasol.
  6. Man Care. Produces hypoallergenic products.
  7. Weleda. Professional cosmetics with natural ingredients.
  8. German company Speick.

The criteria to consider when choosing:

  • Composition (presence or absence of harmful impurities, moisturizers or nutrients);
  • Volume and efficiency;
  • Foam structure, ease of application;
  • Aroma;
  • Price level.

The collection of each of the companies presented is available at various sites where you can buy both budget inexpensive goods and more expensive ones. Pharmacy cosmetics, the price level of which is much higher, is starting to enjoy increased demand, but its advantage is a natural hypoallergenic composition enriched with nutritious mineral components. Any product can be ordered online or purchased at retail.

The advantages of online shopping are that you can first study how much the same product costs on different sites, you can also see the photos and see a list of reviews there, after which it is easier to decide which product is better to buy.

If you have experience using the tools described in the article, or you want to share your experience of using another product you like, tell us about it in the comments.


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